Wanna hear about us?

OxyMade started by necessity after we needed a product like it. And a few honest words about us ...
We have been building websites for our clients for over a decade. We fell in love with Oxygen the first time we used it because of its flexibility and power. But, we had to design templates for each client from scratch over and over again. That is when we discovered a need for well designed templates and design sets for Oxygen users.

After working very hard for a few months and designing a few hundred design blocks, we have released its first version in 2019. Back then, we didn't have global colors and CSS classes. Then number of updates have been added, along with the integration of Oxygen's global colors, css classes, several hundred extra blocks, as well as bug fixes and other improvements.
Then we discovered the need for a proper CSS framework to meet the growing needs of Oxygen users. Therefore, we have begun working with a CSS framework specially optimized for Oxygen based on popular Tailwind CSS. And we have released the best CSS framework for Oxygen called Monster CSS Framework.

Later, we started to feel a gap when it came to niche, specialized design sets for Oxygen. So we created a few special design sets as well as our mega design set from scratch using the Monster framework. Our mega design set is the biggest design set ever created for Oxygen builder.
Founders Word
We are a team of dedicated professionals, with a keen eye for design and responsive websites. We do all of our work in-house. Everything we learned about design, coding, and development came from the internet and past experiences. 

Although some mistakes were made during the process, we learned from them and rectified them in order to come back stronger than ever before.

I promise to do our best for each and every customer in order to give you the maximum value for your investment. It would be our pleasure to have you as a customer.
Our plan is to make OxyMade the best Oxygen template provider. As our customers' requirements continue to grow, so will OxyMade. We will keep improving OxyMade so that our customers can build better websites in less time.
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