Beautiful Design sets & Framework for Oxygen.

Build beautiful websites faster using our most flexible Tailwind CSS-based framework, design sets & tools for Oxygen Builder.
OxyMade Framework
Check our Tailwind CSS based most sophisticated CSS framework with 100s of utility classes ready to use within Oxygen Builder.
1000+ blocks & design sets
Browse our ever growing collection of beautiful niche design sets related to, woo-commerce, SAAS, restaurant, agency businesses.
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We have detailed step-by-step documentation to understand our colours, design system and also framework.

OxyMade Framework

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OxyMade Color System
We have developed a perfect color system based on CSS variables to power up your Oxygen builder to use multiple design sets at a time, without worrying about colors or compatibility.
Proper Design System
Get started with our ready to use design system powered by our OxyMade Framework. You have 600+ well developed CSS classes to quickly use them how ever you want.
Fluid sizing & spacing
You don't need to set a separate spacing & sizing for each breakpoint. All our padding, margins, sizes have responsive inbuilt.
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Featured products
Get immediate lifetime access to the biggest design set available for Oxygen builder.
Get your hands on the beautiful design set dedicated for Woo Commerce.
More design sets
OxyMade Mega Design Set
Biggest design set for Oxygen Builder with a proper powerful design system.
Checkout Design Set
A Beautiful design set for woo commerce stores.
Boundaries Design Set
Multi purpose unique design set for your agency websites
Whistle Design Set
A colourful & special design set for Oxygen Builder
Goodnight Design Set
A dark themed design set for Dark scheme lovers.
Capital Design Set
A perfectly crafted simple saas design set
Restro Design Set
A beautiful restaurant design set
Monster Design Set
Professional Design Set for Companies
Blogzine Design Set
A very professional & powerful design set for Blogs & magazine websites
Arya Design Set
A beautiful flagship design set for modern websites.
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Kick start your web designing with our design sets and save 100s of hours for every project.
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OxyMade Framework
OxyMade Mega Set
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OxyMade Framework
OxyMade Mega Set
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Checkout Design Set
Restaurant Design Set
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