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Build complex Oxygen Builder page layouts with in minutes 
using our advanced, easiest drag n drop 
Oxygen page template builder.
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Build websites better & at least 10x faster

Now building websites with Oxygen is lot more easier. You can choose from the readily available professionally designed blocks, just drag and drop the blocks as you like and your website is ready.
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500+ Blocks in 25+ categories

We have about 500+ well designed blocks for every purpose your can imagine. Our team has constantly worked on our blocks and app for more than 1100 hours to save your time everyday. Time = Money right?
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Beautiful Blocks
Blocks Categories
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A Few Benefits

A few awesome benefits you will get by using OxyMade.

Drag n Drop Editor

You can build various layouts/websites in just a couple of minutes with our easy to use drag and drop editor.

No need of professionals

Don’t look for professionals to design websites for your projects. We have 500+ professional designs to use right out of the box.

No more full time employees

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your employees to get a block done in a day. We are doing it for you.

No more guess work

Get a clear idea on how your website is going to look. Everything can be seen before hand in our builder and download it only once you are satisfied.

No more time waste

Don’t waste precious time to just make small modifications or to build a single block for your projects. Use all our blocks within seconds and save time.

No Coding Knowledge Req.

You need not be a coder to design your websites anymore. All you need to do is just drag and drop the blocks, without even using a single line of code.

Create complex layouts

in just a couple of minutes using our awesome 3 step process.

Drag blocks you want on to the canvas

Choose from 500+ blocks to design whatever you want with OxyMade - one click Oxygen template builder by drag n drop blocks on canvas. Drag n drop, set the order and export. It won’t take more than a minute.

Export the code with our one click export code button

Once you have finished building your design by using our drag n drop builder, you can simply export the entire template code by clicking on export button and copy it.

Paste the short code in page editor

Create a new page and when the Oxygen builder is enabled, you will see short codes option in the editor, click on it and paste the code you copied.

Save and check your newly created page

Now you can edit the page with Oxygen editor, change images, modify text and save it. You have successfully created a complex layout in minutes, literally.
OxyMade for Designers

Designed & developed

by designers, for designers

All our designers are very well experienced with Oxygen with the combined experience of 12 years and more using Page builders.
Try our innovative, most useful, fastest, drag n drop Oxygen web page builder to create websites at least a 10x faster. All our blocks are 100% tested and crafted for pixel perfect. You can't imagine building a website without using our app forever.

Fastest way to create a website

25+ Blocks Categories

We have more than 25+ block categories to choose from. Right from choosing the header to footer.

Projects management

Manage your projects and organize your pages in projects to keep using them again and again.

Full project download

Now you can download your entire web project with all the pages in it with one single click and start using it.

One-click export code

You can copy and paste the oxygen short code in your editor to use the entire page in your website with just a click.


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Personal & Commercial usage
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Unlimited usage
Personal & Commercial usage
All Future updates
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100% Money back guarantee with in 14 days, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many blocks can I export per day?

Unlimited. We hate limitations when it comes to designing and websites, you have complete freedom to use and export how many ever blocks you wish to per day.

Can I download these blocks and integrate them in my templates and sell them?

No. You can only use them in your own or your clients projects but you are not allowed to sell any of our templates generated using our blocks.

Can I Use these blocks for my clients websites?

Yes. You can choose from our 20+ plus design categories to 500 pre designed blocks to build yours as well as your clients website without any hassle.

Can I use these blocks on my WAAS service?

No. DIY or website builders are not allowed to use our blocks without our permission. Get in touch with our team if you have a custom project in your mind. We are happy to discuss.

What if I find any responsive issues?

All the blocks are thoroughly tested and are 100% responsive on mobile, desktop and tablet views. If there is any responsive issue, You can just send us a message to get it solved with in 24 hours.

Can I use OxyMade blocks with Elementor?

No, you cannot use these blocks in any other builder except, Oxygen, as all these blocks are especially made for Oxygen builder.

Save at least 20+ hours for every website you design

Using our app, you can literally save hundreds of hours of your precious work time every month.
Saving hours = Earning money, literally.


We are adding new blocks every week We are sure to reach 1000+ blocks in our library in a few months as you use it.


We are 100% compatible with the most powerful website builder, Oxygen. All our blocks can be integrated with Oxygen without any issue.


All the blocks are thoroughly tested and are 100% responsive on mobiles, desktop and tablet views. You don't need to edit back n forth checking it in every device.

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The easiest way to create websites using Oxygen Builder.
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